Lisboa RE-ENTER 2013


Art, Design, Technology, Science and Disability
Exhibition, talks, workshops

LISBOA RE-ENTER 2013 was a ten-days event which includes an adventurous group exhibition of national and international artists and designers, a program of talks on ideas about art, literature and inclusive design that interweave with contemporary science and technology, and a workshop on the theme CATCH (Cultures, Arts, Technologies, Creations, Handicap), which in this case explores the creative use of new technologies for people with visual disabilities.
#the exhibition
An exhibition of the most adventurous art, design and wearable computing, where social issues and sensorial interfaces interconnect with contemporary science and technology. A selection of ingenious ideas, groundbreaking materials, novel modes of interaction and inclusive design: Revital Cohen and Tuur Van Balen (UK), Jalila Essaïdi (NL), Adam Harvey (US), Ricardo O’Nascimento (BR/NL), Ebru Kurbak (TR/AT), Teresa Almeida (PT), Ivo Andrade (PT), André Sier (PT), CATCH/ Ambulatorium (CZ), Louis Bec (FR).

  • | Exhibition design project |
  • by Joana da Matta
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  • by Joana da Matta
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  • by Dário Medeiros & Joana da Matta