Joana da Matta

Exhibition & Interaction Designer


I’m a multidisciplinary Designer, always curious and eager for new challenges.

I’ve been exploring the intersection between human habits and customs/traditions with new technologies and new media, pursuing the emotional re-creation of systems, spaces and environments that generate new, meaningful and playful narratives.

Since early age, I was raised in an artistic and cultural atmosphere, complementing my formal education with a classic ballet degree and singing lessons. As a student at FBAUL (Faculty of Fine Arts – University of Lisbon) I enrolled a creative group, designing events and exhibitions in Lisbon and working in parallel as a dancer at La Féria Musical Theatre Company.

Throughout the years I have gathered all my life experiences and put that on to my work.

In the last years, I’ve been working as an Exhibition Designer, connecting the different and diversified knowledge that I’ve been acquiring. I’ve been coordinating multidisciplinary teams, working with artists, designers, creators, thinkers, as well as directing numerous exhibition projects.

My formal training is in equipment design, interaction Design and also includes graphic design and events production. I hold a MFA degree in Interaction Design from Domus Academy, Milan and I’m graduated in Equipment Design by Fine Arts Faculty – University of Lisbon.

I believe that hard work and great ideas run together, so I’m never afraid to face new professional adventures!