Young Creators National Exhibition’12

Mercado de Cascais

Young Creators Nacional Exhibition is the result of the famous and well known portuguese competition Young Creators. Already in its 16th edition, Young Creators reunits young artists until 30 years old from 14 different artistic fields: Fine Arts, Digital Arts, Comics, Dance, Product Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Illustration, Jewellery Design, Literature, Music, Fashion design, Theatre and Video. The Young Artists Program is held annually. Each year a different jugdje for each art field selects a group of 80 artists from an average of 600 that enter the competition, to show their works/projects at the national exhibition. Besides the exhibition this event counts also with a fashion show, concerts, theatre and dance and a literary café event.

In 2012 it took place in the old market of Cascais, being distribuited between the fruit market pavillion and the old and abandoned shops area of the Market.

  • Exhibition Design Project, Exhibition Design Direction, Set up Coordinator, Production Design Coordinator | Joana da Matta
  • Intitutions Involved | Secretary of The state for Youth affairs, Clube Português de Artes e Ideias, Instituto Português de Artes e Ideias, Câmara Municipal de Cascais