Alice Geirinhas Exhibition

Alice Geirinhas is the one of most famous and notorious portuguese artists in the field of Illustration and Comics, whose vast works have been presented on numerous occasions in national and international galleries.

For this exhibition, Alice Geirinhas wanted to presented her last ten years of activity, in an intimist exhibition, presenting small sketches and illustrations not known to the public, as well as her very known art piece “CESEX”, a large art piece, composed by 4 vinyl prints (2,80m x 1,80m), presenting illustrations of mother and daughter, in repeating mode, changing only the direction of the eyes of each one.

The exhibition was presented at the Clube Português de Artes e Ideias’ Gallery.  For “CESEX”, due to the nature of this work, outdoors, Joana da Matta designed an outdoor exhibit system for the large balconies (windows) of the gallery.