a claw-hand that becomes a hand-claw

Inspired by the french documentary “les Glaneurs e la Glaunese”, of Agnès Varda.

Being identified the importance of the hand and its use by the gleaner, I created the hand-claw, an object that can be constructed by the gleaner, with materials that finds and collects on the street and in the garbage.

This hand-claw is a simple extensor mechanism, characterized for a easy and fast assembling by the user , using the old structure of one small umbrella and the cable of one big umbrella, elements that can easily be found on the street or in the garbage. It facilitates the search and pursuit of food and objects inside the garbage can, since it works as an extension of the human hand itself, as well as offering a different dignity value to the one who gleans, to the use of the hand.

| materials |
one small umbrella and one cable of a big umbrella

| dimensions |
1m extension